These workshops can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Workshops are a great way to learn new skills, play along with other drummers and meet new friends. Pupils really enjoy the experience of playing along with accomplished musicians.
The drum kit work shops usually have 6 to 10 pupils using 4 or more drum kits and involve musicians attending to enable everyone to get some real playing experience. Ring Andy on 01946 693245 to book your spot.....
Blues Workshop

Drum Kit Workshop titles include:

First Things First. Aimed at first time drummers and recent beginners. You will cover the basics...from how to hold and control the stick for maximum speed and to use the foot pedals...all about the drum kit and the tools of the trade...some rudiments...some basic rhythms...
Playing with a Band. This gives you some experience at playing with to link with the bass player...ending a song...fills...complicated time signatures for the more experienced pupils...

Playing the Blues

Guess what this is about?...we get in some musicians who love to play the blues and see how you play along. We teach you some patterns to play and encourage you to experiment a bit! Awesome!

Rock Drumming

Something a bit heavy i think! This involves a pupils attending and playing along to well known rock numbers. The aim is to gain experience and learn new rythyms, fills and pushes. I am so looking forward to this one! Hopefully a local club band will be present to add quality to the experience.
Latin Workshop. In the first latin workshop we had some great fun working through the complicated combinations of hands and feet in Mambos, Bossa Novas, Socas etc. Here are some pics...
Too fast for the camera!

Other drum kit workshops will include:

  • Different Musical styles....
    Latin etc.
  • Using the snare drum. Exercises to help your snare drum technique
  • Advanced sticking exercises. Learn those tricky bits
  • Rolls and fills
    Advanced sandwich making
  • You tell me what you need to work on............?
The percussion workshops can be tailored to meet the needs of the group requiring the workshop. Successful ones have included all age groups using drums, hand drums, hand percussion, stick techniques, cymbals etc. The pupils have a chance to use their new found talents to create great sounds along with others.

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