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What is Trinity College London?

Trinity College London, the international examinations board offers accredited qualifications in the performing arts.

This is the practise kit.

Each pupil gets to warm up on this for 15 minutes before the in person examination. the exam is on an acoustic kit.

What do they do?

"Trinity conduct over 500,000 assessments each year, from graded examinations and certificates to diplomas and higher-level qualifications. Trinity offers a flexible range of syllabuses, across a variety of teaching and learning styles, to encourage and motivate students to achieve their personal goals".
Trinity Guildhall's range of qualifications in Music is extensive with syllabuses covering a range of styles. As an organisation they work in around 50 countries.

Successful drum grade pupil

How does it work?

There are assessments for those who have recently started to develop their instrumental skills through a tiered programme of grade examinations
The candidate is at the heart of all their work and Trinity Guildhall's examiners, all of whom are professional musicians and fully trained assessors, will do all they can to make candidates feel relaxed in the examination room. They place an emphasis on evaluating what candidates can do and seek to make the assessment experience as positive as possible

Introducing Digital Grade Examination submissions.

Trinity College London responded to the government mandated restrictions on movement of it's citizens by creating digital drum kit examination possibilties.

This means that a pipil can submit a recording of their grade excercises and pieces and have these marked upon submission.

These digital drum grades examinations are still an available option.



What About Me?

If you want to study the Trinity College grades with me then I have an excellent pass record.
The examinations are held locally in West Cumbria with a specialist drum examiner traveling to the region especially to grade drummers from various teachers throughout north and west Cumbria..

I have a strong link with a local Trinity College representative; currently organising regular twice yearly examinations in the Carlisle area.-

The last session of grade examinations were in December 2019
I arranged the venue myself and got some more good results from grade 1 to grade 8 and one Diploma LTCL (2 steps beyond grade 8).

There were 14 pupils entered and 14 passes. Mostly Merits and distinctions.

In past years Passes, Merits and Distinctions have been achieved in all grades to Diploma level.


What if I Want to do the Grades?

Ask me and we can have a look through the books together and work through the rudiments and chosen pieces. You will have to have your own copy of the book which also includes online access to music to accompany certain pieces. With the higher grades the online music includes the solo pieces as well to assist in your preparation.

The books are available through your local Music Shop. I get mine from Billy Bowmans in Cockermouth. They start at £14.00 and go up to £22.00 and include an access code for the music. Each book covers 3 grades.

The grade 3 and 4 examinations took 20 minutes in total.

How Much Does It Cost?

Each grade has it's own price. The more involved the examination, the higher the price.

They started this year at £42.00 for the grade 1. Grade 8 is around £90.00. I fill the forms in to enter the pupil and Trinity get all the money.

You get a certificate when you pass as well as an examination report form, detailing how you did and how the marks were put together. this is true for in person and digital exams.

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